Don Elliott

Don Elliott


“Connection is the foundation of great service and great outcomes. Taking the time to really learn about my clients – their lives, families, experiences – equips me to support them better, and it’s one of the best parts of my day.”


I’m a great listener… an important trait when you are fanatically curious like I am.

I love learning each of my client's backgrounds, experiences, passions and life histories in order to best serve them. I get the most satisfaction working side by side with my clients and providing customized solutions. Having a thorough understanding of each unique story is essential. We are in this together!


I'm a born and raised San Josean with family ties to the East Coast. I started my career as a financial advisor in 1992. I've been blessed to work at some of the largest asset management firms in the industry and I'm excited to share my knowledge with our clients.


In my free time I'm either spending time with my family or playing golf, tennis, paddle ball, etc. Sports are a passion and I even played professional baseball in Europe.

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