Robert Albert

Robert Albert

“I’ve been blessed to work with several great colleagues with diverse points of view. These experiences have bolstered my listening skills, empathy and understanding. I’m looking forward to creating a warm and welcoming environment for you here at Novus Wealth Group.”


Translating and simplifying service processes to create a positive and personalized client experience is my forte.


I was born and raised in a small town near Lansing, Michigan. After graduation, I bounced back and forth between the west and east coasts, living in Utah, California, and North Carolina.

I got my start in the industry working at Morgan Stanley with corporate stock compensation plans and, as a result, I am very well versed in many different forms of equity-based compensation. From there I moved on to working with individual advisors and their clients.


I'm an avid video gamer – it’s how I stay connected to friends across the country.  When I’m local, you’ll find me either at the gym, on the golf course or pursuing adventures with my wife Emily: hiking, attending baseball games or exploring new places.